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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I want to MOVE!

I want to move really bad. I almost tried to go from our table to the chair. I just couldn't do it yet though. One day I will get frustrated enough to make the big move.

Daddy put a new iPod controller in Mommy's car, and brother William and I had to be right in the middle of things!

posted by Caroline at 10:50 PM

Sunday, March 12, 2006

New Puppy

We got a new puppy! His name is Jack and he is a golden retriever. We all played outside after we got home this evening. Oscar is very happy to have another dog to play with. I tried to talk to Jack but all that came out was baby talk! William likes to pick Jack up. Jack got a bath and while Oscar was getting a bath he got in my car seat. Daddy showed him to his crate and he was fast asleep.

posted by Caroline at 10:06 PM

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Spring is here so we have been out in the backyard a few eveings this past week. I can't get around yet, but can stand if I have something to hold on to, so Daddy let me hold onto the the pecan tree.

Of course, when William saw Daddy taking pictures of me, he had to come over and get himself in the picture!

posted by Caroline at 8:30 AM

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Santa Fe

We went on vacation last week. We drove to Carlsbad first to see the caverns there. They were very pretty!

We got to meet a volunteer at the caverns that was cleaning up an area at Mirror Lake. There is more water coming into this lake than there has been, so she is cleaning up some of the rocks around the lake so when the water comes it will meet clean rocks!

We saw the miracluous staircase at the Loretto Chapel. You can read more about this mysterious staircase here.

We also went to the peak of the Sandia mountains near Albuquerque. You can see ALOT from up there!

The Rio Grande Gorge was neat too. Daddy and I went out on to the middle of the bridge and then a big truck drove over the bridge. Scary! The river is hundreds of feet below the bridge!

We also went on a train ride from Santa Fe to Lamy, New Mexico. The train had a flat car with fencing on it so I couldn't fall off. Daddy and I stood on the flat car the WHOLE way from Lamy back to Santa Fe. The New Mexico terrain is very pretty!

We saw this crazy house built into some rocks!

We had such a good time on our vacation!

posted by William at 9:23 PM

Sunday, March 05, 2006


I was playing outside while Mommy was working in the backyard. I am not sure how it happened, but I bit my tongue and cut it badly enough that Mommy took me to the emergency room. When I got home, Daddy laid me on the sofa so I could rest. The doctor gave me a prescription pain killer, so I will probably just go to sleep now. I think Daddy is going to go out and get ice cream, pudding, and gelatin for me to eat....yum!

I still have to hold gauze on my tongue because it kind of oozes a little here and there.

Daddy thinks the cut on my tongue looks alot better now that all the blood is gone!

By the way, we just got back from our vacation to Santa Fe. Stay tuned for pictures from our trip!

posted by William at 4:09 PM

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