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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Scary Firetrucks!

Sunday we went to see Uncle Chris in Seguin where he works as a firefighter. I always get excited when I see a fire truck when I am in the car, but when you stand next to one they are much bigger than they look from the car. Seguin has two fire trucks, and even the smaller one is scary:

But I was able to sit in the front with headphones on:

I wouldn't put Uncle Chris's fire hat on, so Grandma Tucker put it on!

Daddy and I got in the big fire truck, which I wanted to steer with the wheel:

That is one big truck!

posted by William at 10:45 PM

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Last week I stayed overnight with Grandma Jenschke several nights. I also stayed at Grandpa Tvrdik and Charlie's one night as well. I take my suitcase, backpack, and my Thomas trains with me:

Caroline got me a dump truck, excavator, and bulldozer when she was in the hospital. When I told Grandma Tucker about them, she told me she was coming to see me! She should be here in a few hours!

posted by William at 8:22 AM

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Spinal Tap!

And I am not talking about a 1980's movie, I mean the real thing! Sunday I developed a fever, so my doctor told Mommy and Daddy to take me to the Children's Hospital emergency room. Because I am so young, they took my fever very seriously. They took samples of almost every fluid in my body, including spinal fluid. Then I was admitted into the hospital and they gave me a temporary home:

I had several new stuffed animals that helped Mommy, Daddy, and the hospital staff watch over me:

I had to have an IV, and because they thought I might hurt myself, they taped my arm to a board. By the end of my stay, I really didn't like that thing very much:

It really hurt when they took all of this off, and I wimpered and moved my arm around a bit whenever they hooked me up to give me medicine.

Today I was feeling alot better, and a volunteer stopped by a delivered a mobile for my bassinet. It was so neat and I watched the shapes move around above me:

I am home now and feeling much better. In the end, it's probably just a minor virus, but I am so thankful that the Children's Hospital took every precaution to make sure I stay a happy, healthy baby!

posted by Caroline at 11:07 PM

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