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Friday, May 30, 2003


Charlie showed me how to play the piano last night. You press the white and black things and wonderful sounds come from the piano! Anything that makes noise is cool, like my rattle, but the piano is really cool!

posted by William at 11:02 AM

Thursday, May 29, 2003

New Highchair!

Grandpa and Charlie bought a highchair for when I come to visit them. I am trying to perfect my "puppy dog look":

posted by William at 8:27 PM

Tuesday, May 27, 2003


We were still in Maryland and Uncle Mike was feeding me:

Our cross-country convoy:

We stopped in Atlanta to see Grandma Tucker and Great Grandma Pribble:

My first vegetable was sweet potatoes:

Daddy and I read books when we got to Texas:

My swimming trunks for the beach:

I went for my first swim in Grandma's pool:

My second vegetable was peas:

On our way back from the beach we stopped by a fort called Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, Texas:

They had a pretty church for the soldiers:

Daddy and I went to see Uncle Mike and Aunt Amber and relaxed:

posted by William at 3:27 PM

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Photos Soon!

Some time will be taken to put some photos up, I promise. The beach was fun! The wind blew in my face, and I felt the sand, and the waves would come in and splash Mommy and I, then go back. My red wagon worked out really well. I tried green beans the other day. I don't know about green beans. Nothing that I have tried since sweet potatoes has been really tasty. After we got back from the beach, Daddy and I went down to see Uncle Mike. We went shopping for old records for Uncle Mike's "new" turntable. Daddy bought a few classic country records. These Texas women sure are nice! They like to pinch my cheeks, and give me big smiles. Tuesday night we went over to Jackson's house! His Mommy and Daddy fixed a shredded beef dish that Jackson's Daddy used to eat when he lived in Mexico. Daddy said it was really good! I was kind of fussy that night, but I did notice that Jackson can "high step" it. When his Daddy holds him to walk, he lifts his feet really high!

posted by William at 9:51 AM

Friday, May 16, 2003

Headed to the Beach!

We are headed to the beach for the weekend. I don't know quite what to expect. Mommy and Daddy say there is sand, and big waves, and water as far as you can see! I have a playset for the sand. It has a shovel, a rake, and a bucket! I also got a new wagon so Mommy or Daddy can pull me around instead of carrying me. It is a red metal wagon, and Daddy put my bath seat in it to keep me sitting upright, and clipped on a little umbrella because my skin is so fair. I am in a big car seat now that doesn't come out of the car like my infant seat did. When we go out to eat, Mommy puts me in the high chair and puts her purse behind me to help me sit up. I am trying to sit up on my own, but am not quite there yet. Last night at the pool I kept putting my tongue in the water while I sat in my float, but one time I put my mouth and my nose in the water and got water up my nose when I tried to breath. I started coughing and Daddy got scared and picked me up and patted my back. All is well, and now I know not to stick my nose in the water!

posted by William at 10:11 AM

Wednesday, May 14, 2003


I tried peas yesterday. Mommy doesn't like peas, so I wasn't expecting much, but they weren't bad at all! Maybe I take after Daddy with respect to peas? He hopes I do, so that we can out vote Mommy and peas will grace the family table. I also went swimming last night in Grandma Jenschke's pool. The water was cold, and I didn't know what to think of all that water at first. There was alot more water in that pool than my bathtub! But after I got used to it I splashed and had a good time as Daddy zoomed me around the pool. Maybe I will go swimming again this week!

posted by William at 9:41 AM

Friday, May 09, 2003

What a trip!

I am finally getting settled in Texas. It was a long trip, and I got out of my routine. I slept all day in the car, and then I couldn't sleep all night. Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Mike weren't too happy with me, but this is all new to me! When I would wake up at night in the hotel room, I would get scared because my night light wasn't there, and I would wake everyone up to make sure I was where I was supposed to be. But now I am comfortable again. I woke up when Grandma left for work this morning, but fell back asleep until Mommy and Daddy got up later. Yesterday I tried sweet potatoes, and they were really good! Daddy tried them before I tried them and he liked them too. I have graduated to the bathtub! No more dishpan in the kitchen sink for me. I have many pictures to share, but I am not sure when I will get them all posted. Here is one for now though, taken at the Texas state line! I thought we were almost there, but we still had six hours (!!!!) to drive. Texas is really big.

posted by William at 12:01 PM

Thursday, May 01, 2003

First Steps

Ms. Xiang showed me how to take steps. She holds my arms while I support my weight and pick one foot up, then the other, etc. I can even go up the little steps they have at daycare. If I had a little balance, maybe I could walk! Oh well, I'll continue working on rolling over and sitting up first!

posted by William at 8:05 AM

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