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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Happy Birthday Grandma Jenschke!

posted by William at 8:20 AM

You do the hokey pokey and you........

......turn yourself around! Daddy was surprised this morning when he came in to get me out of bed because when he put me down last night my feet were pointing towards the door. But when he came in this morning they were pointing the opposite direction, towards the window. He didn't have to go wake Mommy up and have her come in and look, it's not that big of a deal!

A few new pictures have been posted here

posted by William at 8:14 AM

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Masterpiece Destroyed!

Snif snif....... My surprise I mentioned the other day for Mommy was a vase. Daddy took me to a pottery studio and we painted a vase baby blue and then he helped me put my footprints on it in black. Well, the pottery studio called and reported they had a "kiln accident", which sounds very bad. Anyway, my masterpiece was destroyed. Hopefully we will make it back to the studio to redo the piece, as Mommy really needs a vase. When I bought her flowers for Valentines Day, we had to put them in a crystal pitcher. We only have one vase and the roses Daddy got for Mommy went in the vase.

posted by William at 7:43 AM

Saturday, February 22, 2003


I got shots when I went to see the doctor on Friday. I haven't been feeling so well since then. Tonight I feel better though, so maybe tomorrow will be a good day! I am 24.5 inches long and 14 and a half pounds.

posted by William at 9:33 PM

Thursday, February 20, 2003

New Photo Album

A new photo album of me holding my head up has been posted here.

posted by William at 6:21 PM


I had cereal this morning. I usually have cereal in the evening, but now I am going to start eating cereal two times a day. Daddy and I had fun this morning! I smiled alot and opened my mouth when I saw the spoon coming at me. Daddy gets a little unruly with the spoon, but I figure he is new at this stuff too! We'll work it all out together.

posted by William at 10:24 AM

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Meet Ms. Xiang.......

This is Ms. Xiang (pronounced Shoong). She is my primary caregiver at daycare! She is really nice and takes very good care of me. We do lots of finger and footpainting. Daddy took this picture when he came to pick me up early today. The roof on his office building was sinking in from the weight of the snow, so they told him to go home so he wouldn't get hurt if the roof caved in! We spent the afternoon making a very special gift for Mommy. Stay tuned to the website to see what we made her!

posted by William at 4:47 PM

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Worst Winter Storm in Baltimore History!

Baltimore had over 26 inches of snow, surpassing the number 1 snowstorm from 1922. A photo album with all the snow has been posted here

posted by William at 9:31 AM

Saturday, February 15, 2003

New Photo Album
A new photo album has been posted here.

posted by William at 12:12 PM

Good night's sleep.
Last night I caught up on my beauty sleep. I slept from about 9 o'clock until about 8 o'clock this morning! We are all caught up on our sleep and ready for an exciting weekend. It is supposed to snow all weekend.

posted by William at 9:15 AM

Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Valentines Day!

I got Mommy some flowers for Valentines Day! She is so patient and caring. I couldn't ask for a better mom.

posted by William at 9:01 PM

Restless night.

This is a test picture from a cheap digital camera that I will be taking to daycare with me everyday. Ms. Xiang can take pictures of me and they can be posted here much easier than the pictures from the disposable film camera. Obviously, it's not the best camera available, but I think it will be fine for my daycare pictures!

Daddy wasn't too happy with me when I wanted to eat at 1:15 this morning. What was I to do? I was hungry!

posted by William at 9:51 AM

Thursday, February 13, 2003

New look to the website!

Dad made some changes to the website. It is now much easier to make updates, and they can be made from virtually any computer on the web! Hopefully, this means that there will be more pictures and news than there was on the old website. Mom and Dad bought a disposable camera to go to daycare with me, so maybe Ms. Xiang can take pictures of me. I have already been fingerpainting and footpainting (with a little help from Ms. Xiang). Yesterday I slept alot though, all the changes with me going to daycare and Mom going back to work has me tuckered out!

posted by William at 8:47 AM

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